Before You Adopt


There are many things to consider before you decide to adopt a dog. You should make sure you’re ready to take on the responsibility of caring for a pet.

Time Commitment – How much time each day do you have to commit to a dog? Walks, exercise, training. Puppies require more work than adults…housebreaking, obedience training, socialization, etc. Puppies and young dogs require a lot of time and attention.

Cost – In addition to the adoption fee…the cost of a crate, supplies (leash, collar, toys), food, possible training classes, annual wellness checks and inoculations (puppies need several inoculations), medical emergencies, grooming, etc.


It is IMPORTANT to research the breed of dog you are adopting thoroughly to make sure it is the right fit.

Size – Make sure your home is big enough for larger breed dogs.

Energy Level – Are you active? Are more sedentary? Active breeds require a lot of exercise daily, both physical and mental, or behavioral problems will arise. A half hour walk for a small breed is far from adequate for a Border Collie.

Temperament – While temperament varies from dog to dog, even of the same breed…it is important to understand a breed’s general temperament.

Grooming – Certain breeds require more grooming than others. While most shorthaired dogs require the occasional bath, longhaired breeds may require a haircut every 8 weeks with general maintenance (i.e. daily or weekly brushing) in between visits.

Experience – Are you a first time dog owner? Or are you experienced? Certain breeds, especially many of those in the Working Group, are best suited for experienced dog owners. These dogs were bred to work and often become bored, destructive and neurotic if not given adequate exercise and training.


What To Expect From Puppies

While there are many normal behavioral problems to expect when adopting a puppy, the five most common, and the problems we most often get contacted about are:



Potty Accidents



All of common puppy problems can be corrected with proper training, but it’s important to address the issue early and be consistent with training…and don’t expect overnight results. Training takes time.

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