Gallery Pictures Are Fired Up!

We have added a photo gallery to our website. You will find all our previous fosters listed here. We encourage all of our past adopters to join our gallery and post updated pictures of there loved ones.

The Rylee Fund

Today we got a letter from a recently departed friend. She wanted to share her story with everyone.   Hi, My name is Rylee.  I am a 4-5 week old German Shepherd puppy. I am writing this now from Heaven as I have already crossed the Rainbow Bridge. After I was born it is believed that…
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When to bathe a dog

Trying to decide when and how to bathe your dog is often difficult. This is because bathing frequency depends on a number of factors: the particular breed of dog, how much time is spent outdoors, the dog’s age, and any existing medical conditions, to name a few. The fact is that when and how you…
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