The Rylee Fund

The Rylee Fund

Today we got a letter from a recently departed friend. She wanted to share her story with everyone.



My name is Rylee.  I am a 4-5 week old German Shepherd puppy. I am writing this now from Heaven as I have already crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

After I was born it is believed that I was kicked or stepped on.  I was surrendered to a shelter down south, and upon being surrendered I would vomit every time I ate.  So I was taken to the vets office down there and after some x-rays it became known that I had a diaphragmatic hernia.  An email was sent out about me, and Taryn from Joe Joe’s Place immediately decided she had to have me.  The shelter I was at found a wonderful lady who came and picked me up to foster me until Joe Joe’s Place could come and get me.  And the even better news… A nice lady named Robyn emailed the shelter and said that she would like to pay for my surgery so I could get better.  Although I never got to meet her, she’s a really nice lady to offer to do that.  That would really help out Joe Joe’s Place.

A few days later the foster noticed I was getting worse as I couldn’t hold anything down.  So Joe Joe’s Place decided I had to get up to NJ and fast.  Did you know it’s over an 8 hour drive from NJ to where I was in WV? That’s far.  So another nice lady came along and drove a few hours down to get me and took me to her house.  Then Taryn and Leigha got there that night to pick me up and drove through the night to get me home.

The next morning I went to my new doctors office (Creeks Edge Animal Hospital) where I got some fluids all day, and the next day.  I got to come home with Taryn each night though, and she stayed up giving me fluids all night and trying to feed me.  She cuddled me and cried with me.  She had other shepherds who tried to take care of me too.  I was so loved.

I went into surgery on Monday morning.  The surgery was very detailed as someone had to breath for me, and someone else had to do my actual surgery.  The doctors told Joe Joe’s Place that all my intestines and organs were up in my chest cavity, which is a big no-no.  I got to come home on Monday night but I had to go back to the doctors on Tuesday for more fluids and to try to eat.  It’s not very easy to eat after a major surgery like that.  Everyone at the doctors kept helping me eat, and I got sick a few times, but I got to go back home Tuesday night.

When I got home I was so weak and I finally had just enough.  I soon gave up.  I didn’t want to eat or walk around or anything.  Taryn cuddled me and held me for a while that night.  She kept crying tell me if would be okay and I would grow big and strong and over come my horrible problem.  When it was time to go to bed Taryn tucked me in with all my blankets.  She kept coming out to check on me, and I was continuing to rest quietly.  No matter how many times she came out to look at me, I knew it was time for me to go.  I looked at her one last time and said good-bye.

Sometimes no matter how much a human loves a doggy it’s not a promise to get to stay.  God had other plans for me, and now I get to watch over Joe Joe’s Place who loved me so much.  It may have been a short time I was with them, but I was loved.  Now I can watch over them and be their angel in the sky.  I’m not in pain anymore and I got to know what love is.  I am so grateful for my family and my wonderful doctors at Creeks Edge Animal Hospital who are all so hurt that I had to leave.  Thank you for reading my story.

Baby Rylee[/su_quote]

Rylee also wants everyone to know that not every dog gets sponsored like he has. She is asking that people help out Joe Joes Place by donating a few dollars in her name to help out her other friends.


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